Adhering to the idea of high-end development, new coal chemical products have become a rising star

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In order to crack down on the difficulties of crude oil imports in the modern coal chemical industry, after more than 10 years of baptism, the direction and path of development have changed quietly, with the exception of coal to oil, coal to gas, coal to olefins, coal to ethylene glycol, etc. Beyond the traditional bulk product line, more small, sophisticated, high-tech, high-value-added coal-based chemicals and their downstream new materials have become a rising star and are increasingly favored.


From April 26th to 27th, the “Coal-based Chemical New Materials and High-end Chemicals Development Forum” hosted by China Chemical News and China National Chemical Industry Development Institute and co-sponsored by Changchun Dongshi Science and Trade Industrial Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing. At the forum, a number of experts said that coal-based chemical new materials and high-end chemicals are becoming the new darling of coal chemical industry. Some innovative companies have also achieved encouraging results in their industrialization. Some of the new products of “Gaofu Shuai” coal chemical industry are showing great vitality.


Wang Xiaoyun, vice president of China Chemical Industry News, said in his speech: “At present and in the coming period, how to achieve the efficient and clean use of coal resources is of great strategic significance to both the company and the country’s sustainable development. Currently, it is placed in the coal chemical industry. One of the major practical problems facing urgent needs of enterprises is how to break through technological bottlenecks, build a green, refined, efficient, and high-quality coal chemical industry chain, increase product added value, and achieve differentiated and high-end development. In the recent chemical industrial park research, it was also observed that many coal chemical companies have listed new coal-based chemical materials and high-end chemicals as a key direction for current and future upgrades and upgrading.


On the forum, He Dingchao, deputy director of the China Coal Industry Development Research Center, combed the status quo of the high-end development of China's coal chemical industry, and looked forward to the future. He believes that the high-end development of coal chemical industry should scientifically plan and rationalize the current and long-term, local and overall major needs, scientific planning, optimize the layout, reasonably control the scale of the industry, strengthen the ecological red line, strengthen independent innovation, and actively carry out modern coal chemical industry Upgrade demonstration. Strengthen the modern coal chemical technology upgrading and breakthroughs, rely on technological innovation to high-end technological breakthroughs, and seize a number of world-leading technological commanding heights.


Liu Yanwei, deputy chief engineer of the Institute of Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning, gave a report on “Analysis of coal-based new materials and high-end chemical product chains.” He elaborated on the development ideas of new coal-based materials and high-end chemicals: to make full use of coal. The combined advantages of salt and oil and gas resources, through the four leading platforms of coal gasification, crude salt electrolysis, natural gas reforming and petroleum refining, gasification platforms, multi-tailed and specialized operations, and efficient use of syngas, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and chlorine , hydrochloric acid, methanol and other basic raw materials and products, and the use of oxo synthesis, hydrogenation, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, olefin synthesis, aromatics synthesis, methanation, ethanol synthesis, biological microalgae fermentation and other technologies to achieve multi-generation, create high-end and dedicated Chemicals, olefins and downstream, aromatics and downstream, coal salt combinations and downstream, benzene and downstream and new materials, and other six product groups to meet the high-end needs of the downstream areas.

Some companies that have achieved good results in the development and industrialization of new chemical materials and high-end chemicals have shared their successful experiences at the forum.


Dong Manxiang, deputy director of the second phase of the preparation project of the coal-to-liquids project of Yankuang Group Co., Ltd., introduced that the company relied on patented technology of independent intellectual property rights and focused on high-low temperature Fischer-Tropsch synthesis technology to realize high value-added, high-tech coal-based products. The breakthrough of the chemical process route has reached the forefront of the industry in the development of characteristic coal chemical industry. Based on the 1 million tons/year coal indirect liquefaction demonstration project that has already been put into operation, they have also successfully developed a number of high-end coal-based chemical product lines, including polyolefins, specialty fine chemicals, rubber and plastics, and will begin construction this year. The 10,000-ton/year coal indirect liquefaction project includes two 1 million tons/year high-temperature Fischer Tropsch and two 1 million tons/year low-temperature Fischer-Tropsch production lines, of which the high-temperature Fischer-Tropsch synthesis light oil group consists mainly of olefins (about 64% Among them, more than 90% are high-end polyethylene comonomer alpha-olefins such as 1-butene, 1-hexene and 1-octene, which are in short supply in China, making up for the deficiencies of the petrochemical route product line and filling the domestic gap. The product design route fully embodies the notion that “oil is the best, the most suitable is the best, the most effective”, and has become the leader in the complementary development of coal chemical, oil refining and petrochemical industries.


Lu Wenzheng, assistant general manager of Shanghai Pujing Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the company's industrial upgrading practice of ethylene glycol technology and the progress of new polyglycolic acid (PGA) technology. PGA is a fully biodegradable polymer material that not only has excellent mechanical strength and excellent barrier properties against oxygen, water vapor, and organic vapors, but also has good biocompatibility in packaging materials and biomedical applications. The shale gas extraction and other fields are widely used. At present, only one company in Japan can produce it. The coal-based synthesis gas PGA technology developed by Pujing Chemical Co., Ltd. uses synthesis gas as raw material and abandons the traditional “chloroacetic acid hydrolysis” production process in foreign countries, which is in line with China’s “multi-coal and low-oil” national conditions, low production cost, mild operating conditions, and the entire process. Route safety and environmental protection. The 10,000-ton industrial demonstration plant is expected to be completed in 2019. At that time, a new member with "high value and good temperament" will be added to China's new coal-based chemical materials.

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