The main purpose of sodium metabisulfite

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The main purpose:

Chemical, pharmaceutical industry. Sodium metabisulphite is used in the production of insurance powders, sulfamethazine, metamizole, caprolactam, etc., as well as the purification of chloroform, propyl propane sulfone and benzaldehyde. Photographic industry as a fixing agent ingredients. The perfumery industry is used to produce vanillin. Used as brewing industrial preservatives, rubber coagulants and dechlorination agents after bleaching cotton cloth. Organic intermediates, dyes, and tanning agents are used as reducing agents for electroplating, wastewater treatment of oil fields, and mineral processing agents for mines. Industrially used in printing and dyeing, organic synthesis, printing, tanning, pharmaceuticals and other departments; in food processing as a preservative, bleach, loosening agent. It is used as a chemical reagent (printing and photography, etc.), as a bleach mordant, a reducing agent as a rubber coagulant, and also as an organic synthetic pharmaceutical and perfumery.

The role of sodium metabisulfite:

Use one, used as bleaching agent, mordant, reducing agent, rubber coagulant, also used in organic synthesis, pharmaceuticals and spices.

Use two, used as chromatographic reagents, preservatives and reducing agents for dyes and pharmaceutical industries.

Use three, Sodium Bisulfite Sulfate is more strongly reduced, similar to sodium sulfite. China's regulations can be used for candied fruit, biscuits, sugar, rock candy, sugar, candy, glucose, liquid glucose, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and canned mushrooms, with a maximum usage of 0.45g/kg. Candied fruit, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, canned mushrooms, grape and blackcurrant juices (in SO2 terms) less than 0.05/kg; biscuits, sugar, vermicelli, and other varieties less than 0.1 g/kg; liquid glucose residue Must not exceed 0.2g/kg.

Fourth, the food industry is used as bleaching agents, preservatives, loosening agents, antioxidants, color protection agents and preservatives.

Use Five: The pharmaceutical industry is used to produce chloroform, phenylsulfone and benzaldehyde. The rubber industry is used as a coagulant. The printing and dyeing industry is used as a chlorine bleaching dechlorination agent and a cotton scouring auxiliary agent. The tannery industry is used for leather processing, making the leather soft, plump and tough, with waterproof, anti-folding, and wear-resistant properties. The chemical industry is used to produce hydroxyvanillin and hydroxylamine hydrochloride. Photosensitive industry as a developer and so on.

Uses VI, analysis, preservatives, reducing agents, antioxidants.

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