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All related chemical companies:

The European Fine Chemicals Exhibition will be held in Cologne, Germany from June 20-21, 2018. The exhibition will be held every year in Europe's chemical industry, and has been held 32 times so far. I will designate group exhibitors in China as the conference and be responsible for organizing the participation of Chinese companies.

At the European Fine Chemicals Exhibition in 2017, more than 400 companies participated in the exhibition, covering an area of 15,000 square meters. The two-day exhibition brought together more than 9,000 professional visitors from Europe and other parts of the world, setting a record high. The exhibitors include BASF, ConocoPhillips, Evonik Degussa, LANXESS, Longsha, Solvay, and other well-known chemical companies in the world, and well-known manufacturers in the chemical industry such as Sinochem and Sinopec Group. These professional exhibitors exhibit Make this exhibition a professional event in the fine chemical industry.

In the same period, the exhibition organized the EFCG Plant Protection and Fine Chemicals Summit, the RSC Special Chemicals Symposium, the REACH Regulations Conference, the Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Development Seminar, the Outsourcing Strategy for Pharmaceuticals, and the Agricultural Intermediates Conference. Waiting for more professional meetings, attracted a great deal of audience to visit.

In 2017, I will organize the products of participating companies to focus on the following areas: pharmaceutical intermediates (14.01%), agricultural intermediates (12.74%), dye intermediates (10.51%), custom processing (8.6%), polymers (7.64 %), Plastic Additives (5.73%), Water Treatment Agents (5.41%), and Outsourcing, Basic Chemicals, Custom Processing, Dyes, APIs, Biopesticides, Biotechnology, Catalysts and Biocatalysts, Chirality Chemicals, Colorants and Pigments, Cosmetics and Raw Materials, Electrochemicals, Flame Retardants, Perfume Flavors, Peptides and Proteins, Photographic Materials, Copy/Copy Chemicals, Additives, Industrial Cleaners, Surfactants, and Adhesives .

After years of accumulation, the audience of this exhibition is very professional. According to statistics from the organizers, according to the company category: 46% of visitors to the visitors are manufacturers, 31% are distributors, 6% are end users, and 17% are other chemical related companies. According to statistics from viewers, 29% are sales departments, 19% are purchasing departments, 17% are senior managers, 14% are market departments, 5% are R&D departments, 5% are market development, 4% are production departments, and 2% are customer service. The professional audience level guarantees the exhibiting effect of the company. Each year, there are more than 130 Chinese exhibitors, including Sinochem Group, Sinopec Group, Luxi Chemicals, and Lianhua Technology. The number of repeat exhibitors is as high as 65%. Many companies have been exhibiting for 7-8 years consecutively, and the booth area is growing.

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