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Vietnam lacks water: Vietnam is located on the Indochina Peninsula, covering an area of 330,000 square kilometers and a coastline of 3,260 kilometers. In terms of natural conditions, its water area accounts for about 6.4% of the country's land area. There are rivers such as the Mekong River, Honghe River and Saigon River in the territory. The annual rainfall varies from 1200 to 3000mm in the north and south, and natural water resources are not scarce. However, due to excessive waste, water resources available in Vietnam are gradually deficient. Hanoi now needs about 300,000 cubic meters of purified water a day for citizens to use. The government can only meet 60% of the demand. In the past five years, Hanoi's daily output of pure water was about 430-4.4 million cubic meters, which is far behind the pace of urban development.

The government pays close attention to water treatment: As the economy develops, the Vietnamese government pays more and more attention to the issue of water treatment. From now until 2020, with the approval of the Vietnamese Prime Minister, 30 sewage treatment plants are planned to be built in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

The most stringent environmental protection policy in history: The Vietnamese government introduced the government's decree 155/2016/ND-CP in 16 years to increase the administrative penalties for violating environmental regulations. According to the decree, personal environmental violations will be punished by a maximum of VND 1 billion (approximately US$ 44,400), and the organization’s fine will be VND 2 billion (US$ 88,800).

Organizer: China Chemical Information Center

Beijing Juyou Huayu International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Vietnamese VEAS Company

Supporter: Vietnam Industrial Trade Association

Concurrent Exhibition: The 7th Vietnam International Paper Exhibition

 Vietnam Chemical Industry Exhibition and Fifth Vietnam Coating Exhibition

Opening hours:

June 13-14, 2018 09:00 – 17:00

20 June 2018 09:00 – 16:00

Range of exhibition: 

Water treatment technology equipment: Chemical physical water treatment, biochemical water treatment, sludge and residue treatment, desalination equipment, pharmaceuticals and materials, filtration/separation technology, industrial wastewater treatment, industrial circulating cooling water treatment, boiler make-up water treatment, waterworks equipment , Dosing disinfection equipment;

Water purification equipment: water purification equipment and equipment, pure water machine, soft water machine, cooler, sterilization equipment, disinfection equipment, filtration equipment;

Membrane and seawater desalination: Membrane and membrane modules, membrane and membrane module manufacturing technology and equipment, membrane raw materials and auxiliary equipment, membrane separation equipment complete sets of equipment, membrane separation related technology, material testing equipment;

Water treatment chemicals: Chemicals for urban sewage treatment, disinfection and disinfection chemicals, cooling water treatment chemicals, etc.;

Automation and informatization: Pumps, water meters, valves, pipes and fittings and tools, pipe network maintenance technology and equipment, municipal water supply and drainage systems and equipment, detection and monitoring technologies and equipment, instrumentation and automation;

Service organizations and others: Water/water treatment engineering units, consulting and design agencies, certification/test service agencies, etc.

Exhibition Features:

The only industry exhibition in Vietnam focused on industrial water treatment;

Authorities strongly support;

Buy and sell face to face with supply and demand;

Professional and wonderful industry exchange seminar;

High-end industry summit, accurate analysis of Vietnam market report;

Thirteen years of professional water treatment hosting experience and resources.

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