Ethane ethylene: opportunities and risks in the age of change.

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Recently, in the petrochemical industry, the production of ethylene ethylene (ethane ethylene) requires rational thinking, and the ethylene production of ethylene ethylene is gradually coming to the surface.

The shale gas revolution in the United States has led to rapid growth in ethane production, which, while fully satisfying the domestic market, has made it possible for American ethane to export to China.The ethane ethylene industry has entered the field of Chinese petrochemical industry.

As the earliest research in China and actively planning the petrochemical enterprises of ethane to ethylene industry, rim Thai oil co., LTD in 2014 will be ethane to ethylene project on the company's overall business layout and strategic planning.After four years time to prepare, ethane to ethylene project is now as margin of Thai oil through two resources and two markets at home and abroad the key layout, reached the last part of the planning process, and is about to be born.

In the early stage of the project, yuantai oil co., LTD. Cooperated with international well-known consulting companies to make a detailed and comprehensive consideration on the rationality and feasibility of the development of ethylene ethylene industry.

The ethylene industry is the core of petrochemical industry, known as the mother of petrochemicals, and occupies an important position in the national economy.Ethylene production has become an important indicator of the development level of a country's petrochemical industry.In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, China's ethylene industry has developed rapidly and its production capacity has grown rapidly, making it the world's second largest ethylene producer after the United States.However, at present, the production of ethylene in China mainly focuses on naphtha route and coal based route, which has disadvantages such as large project investment, long process route and low yield.

Driven by the shale gas revolution, the us became an oil exporter from oil importing countries in 2011-2012.At present, the oversupply of ethane in the us has become increasingly prominent, which has aroused the high concern and strong interest of the Chinese petrochemical enterprises.

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Ethylene ethylene is a beneficial supplement to ethylene in traditional route, and has broad market prospect and development space.In the 12th five-year plan of olefin industry, it is proposed that the raw materials should be diversified, and the two markets should be actively utilized to expand the route of raw materials and ensure the supply of olefin raw materials.The introduction of ethane route to produce ethylene is a useful complement to existing naphtha route and coal base line, which can optimize product structure.

Currently, ethane pyrolysis ethylene has an economic advantage over traditional routes in terms of project investment and operating costs.The shale gas revolution in the United States has led to a relatively low price of ethane and a certain amount of exports.More than 70% of ethylene in China is cracked by naphtha.According to the current price of raw material prices low, ethane route of ethylene cost price is still lower than the comprehensive cost of the base of ethylene naphtha price 20% ~ 30%, so use imported oxide production of ethylene and ethylene downstream products in China, the profits can be obtained.For the production enterprises that need ethylene and its downstream products as raw materials, it has realized the significant cost savings and the product price advantage is relatively large.

The average price of international brent crude oil in 2017 is $54.7 per barrel, while the average price of ethane in the United States is about 183.8 us dollars per ton, while the annual average price of methanol in east China is about 2,776 yuan/ton.Based on this, it is estimated that the total cost (excluding tax) of the total cost (excluding tax) of naphtha for naphtha cracking, imported ethane cracking, and methanol olefin is 4,743 yuan/ton, 3511 yuan/ton and 6994 yuan/ton respectively.Therefore, according to the current price of Mont Belvieu ethane and sea freight, ethylene has a strong cost advantage.As the international crude oil price is gradually rising, the cost advantage of alkanes will become more prominent.

Compared with the traditional process route of naphtha cracking, ethylene process is not only low investment, low cost of raw materials, but also high yield, high purity and single route.The research institute analyzed that the price of ethane in the United States would rise by a certain amount by 2025, but the increase would be acceptable to China's ethane ethylene project.Moreover, in the next few years, China's demand for ethylene will increase.

Statistics show that in 2017, China's ethylene consumption will be about 20.37 million tons, up by 4.8% year-on-year.Ethylene equivalent consumption is about 39 million tons, with a gap of 20 million tons.In the domestic ethylene consumption structure, LLDPE accounted for 27% of total consumption, HDPE accounted for 26%, LDPE accounted for 11%, ethylene glycol accounted for 11%, ethylene oxide accounted for 8%, styrene accounted for 8%.Among them, the self-sufficiency rate of ethylene glycol, LDPE and HDPE is the lowest, respectively 42%, 48% and 49% respectively, and the supply and demand contradiction is prominent.

In 2017, the import volume of Chinese polyethylene was 11794,000 tons, an increase of 18.6% year on year.Ethylene glycol imports exceeded 8 million;China's ethylene imports reached 2.16 million tons, a 30% increase over the same period last year.At present, the domestic ethylene equivalent self-sufficiency rate is only 52.5 percent, and the equivalent gap is as high as 1965 million tons, and the domestic equivalent gap is expected to remain above 16 million tons by 2025.This provides a huge market for ethane ethylene industry.

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