2018 (Vietnam) China-ASEAN Chemical Industry Exhibition

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2018 China-ASEAN International Chemicals (Vietnam) Exhibition

Exhibition time: October 23-26, 2018

Venue: Vietnam (Hanoi) International Exhibition Center

Display range:

● Integrated petroleum and chemical categories: overseas manufacturers, domestic petroleum, petrochemical, chemical super-large enterprises, listed companies, trading companies, chemical parks, networks, information, and media;

● Basic organic and inorganic chemical raw materials: organic synthetic chemicals such as methanol derivatives, ethylene, propylene, and benzene series derivatives; barium salts, magnesium salts, potassium salts, boron compounds and borate, bromine compounds, chromium salts, cyanogens Chemicals, fluoride compounds, phosphorus compounds, and inorganic salts such as phosphates, silicon compounds, and silicates; activated carbon, calcium carbide, carbon black, titanium dioxide, etc.;

● Fine and specialty chemicals: pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, natural plant extracts, fine organic chemical raw materials and intermediates, fluorescent brighteners, catalysts, surfactants, electronic chemicals, water treatment chemicals, ion exchange resins, Flavors & Fragrances, Outsourced/Custom Synthesized/Processed Chemicals, Additives, Feed & Food Additives, Biochemicals, Oil Field Chemicals, Leather Chemicals, Household Chemicals & Cleaners, Additives (Plastic Additives, Specialty Additives) ;

● Chemical synthetic materials and their raw materials: Epoxy resin, polyurethane and other polymer materials and raw materials, fluorine materials, silicon materials and raw materials, nano materials, automotive, electronics, aerospace chemical materials and raw materials; civilian and special adhesives and raw materials ;

● Chemical Equipment and Automation: Industrial Gas Preparation Equipment, Pumps, Valves, Pipe Fittings, Fluid Transmission Equipment, Enamelling Equipment, Drying, Separating Equipment, Tank Trucks, Containers, Control, Analysis and Inspection Instruments, Laboratory Instruments, Environmental Protection Technology Equipment , safety production technology equipment, non-metal equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, powder machinery, sealing equipment and accessories, chemical complete sets of equipment and equipment, etc.;

● Dyestuffs, pigments: dyes, pigments and various dye intermediates.

● Chemical Technology: Chemical high-tech products, technologies, new achievements, chemical research institutes, universities, and information technology applications in the chemical industry.

Can apply for special funds for the development of foreign economic and trade subsidies. Please call for details!

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